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Belvedere Park Primary School

Key PRO-ARK Pty Ltd staff:
Mario Duvnjak Director & Danny Chiang Associate
Key Sub Consultants Rudds Consulting Engineers, W.A. Moore & Associates, Facet Design Landscape Architecture
Project cost: $0.44 Mil construction

Working closely with school representatives and the DET, PRO-ARK Pty Ltd Architects developed & designed a new Food Technology / Canteen Building.

The schools objectives:
• Construct a new building for a Kitchen / Canteen and an undercover outdoor learning area; including new preparation benches, cook tops, stoves, sinks, range hoods, servery and general storage.
• Total internal area of 80M2.
• Provide a functional kitchen layout allowing for clear supervision of the students, especially the cooking elements.
• Teaching bench to be large enough for cooking demonstrations.
• Canteen / Servery to have a direct relationship with the outdoor learning area, provide a sliding window for the servery, benches, sink, space for a microwave, storage, direct view to a glass fridge by patrons.
• Kitchen to have direct access to the outdoor learning area, provide a large glass sliding door.
• Outdoor learning area to be on a concrete base and undercover, provide space for a large table for up to 10-12 people, provide a space for a storage shed for the BBQ, fold up tables and chairs.
• Provide adequate natural and LED lighting.
• Provide energy rating improved windows and glass doors.
• Provide appropriate floor coverings.
• Consider DDA requirements in regards to access, and general BCA compliance.