PRO-ARK is a boutique architectural and interior design firm that has provided innovative design solutions since 1993. The firm fosters a collaborative approach to design that aims to excite and produce compelling architecture reflective of the client brief. PRO-ARK researches and investigates the unique nature of each project and produces a design response that meets the aspirations of our clients and the future occupants of our built environments. The firm seeks design solutions that balance urban context, site requirements, sustainability, architectural expression and commercial viability.

Mario Duvnjak
Executive Director/ Project Superintendent
Principal Architect 

​PRO-ARK’s founder, Mario Duvnjak, is a leading architect in the company’s specialist fields. He has more than 35 years of industry experience, gaining early knowledge at respected firms before starting his own company in 1993. 

Mario has the ability to design in any architectural style, which complements his passion to create buildings and environments that truly meet the unique needs of each project and its stakeholders. He works on every project undertaken by PRO-ARK, guiding it from sketch to design to construction, ensuring clients get full benefit from his insights, experience and expertise.

Mario is also an expert facilitator of stakeholder group meetings, able to capture the essence of what diverse groups are seeking and translating that into building and interior designs that satisfy everyone. 

He has extensive expertise in environmentally sustainable design (ESD) and takes pride in his use of materials and detailing, which assures visually stimulating projects as well as durable, practical solutions. 

“I don’t have any preconceived ideas of what the design will look like when I meet someone brand-new,” Mario says. “It is always exciting because I want to design to reflect their nature and their needs. So it is not me telling them this is my philosophy, but rather I use it as a collaboration to discuss their dreams, their thoughts, their visions, and then putting all that together in the most creative and interesting way.”

Danny Chiang
Associate Director 

Danny’s innovative and cutting-edge design concepts, combined with his exceptional project management skills have placed him at the top of his profession. Danny has a rich artistic background and combined with his understanding of architectural detailing allows him to produce uniquely high standards of work.

Danny brings fresh ideas in architectural design, and has a strong passion for architecture. Creative and functional Interior Design plays a paramount role in Danny’s design approach.