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PRO-ARK Architects and our team of consultants are committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Sustainable thinking.

We apply environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles to all our projects. We incorporate sustainable thinking from the inception of a design and throughout each design stage.

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Supporting local.

We champion the use of local trades and materials and we work to ensure all selected resources are Australian made and supporting local businesses. We encourage our clients, consultants, suppliers, and stakeholders to do the same.

Not only does this minimise our impact on the environment, but it also ensures that our design benefits the community around it, and has the potential to reduce costs and project duration. 

Renovation, Restoration & Adaptive Reuse

We believe in the value of retaining the existing building fabric. We will assess existing conditions and strive to improve the performance and appearance of existing structures.

Our office upholds our environmental policies to minimise energy consumption and waste production, and we are committed to reusing, retaining, and maintaining existing elements wherever possible to reduce embodied energy.

“the greenest building is the one that is already built”

-Carl Elefante (FAIA)

Case Studies.


BHI - Nallei Jerring Nyerboing Trade Centre

This training facility had no requirement for mechanical heating/cooling. Careful consideration was given to maximising comfort and sustainability through passive design strategies and technology.

  • Rainwater flows into natural pond with native flora, creating a habitat for native fauna.

  • Solar panels and battery storage reduce energy emissions.

  • Rainwater harvesting systems reduce mains water use.

  • Application of passive design principles in lieu of air conditioning:

  • King Span thermally improved roof and wall cladding.

  • Cowls with dampers to purge and contain heat.

  • Thermally glazed windows to reduce heat emission and glare.

  • Natural cross ventilation allowing wind to pass through and cool internal space.

  • Northern pond cools the wind entering the building.

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