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Box Hill Institute - LA Building


Swinburne University



This new three storey building was built within the existing walls of the LA Atrium Building. Originally designed by Glenn Murcutt in the late 1990’s, the LA Atrium Building was a student retreat and seating area.

The vast space within the existing atrium was carefully utilized to incorporate additional facilities including; student and staff common area, book shop, computer room, meals area, indoor student lounge, student recreation areas and general administration.

Our design sought to respect the existing building by retaining all of the original external and internal forms, including the central skylights and pedestrian circulation spaces. This also allowed for the retention of the existing visual aspect, from the original windows of the building.

12/1020 Doncaster Road 

Doncaster East, Victoria 3109


Phone: (03) 9841 4300

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