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Horizon Apartments - Coburg


Horizon Apartments



The vision for The Pentridge Prison redevelopment is to create a vibrant, well-designed urban village that invigorates an important historical asset, transforming it into a new community hub complete with housing, retail, community areas and public open spaces.

The Horizon Apartments contribute significantly to the development by creating a stunning modern residential complex containing 53 apartments constructed across two eight storey buildings.

Our team worked directly with the State Planning office and Heritage Victoria to ensure that the design of the building met everyone’s expectations. We ensured the design was sympathetic to its historical environment by reusing existing materials, such as blue stone blocks, and by applying historical photographs over the perforated screens. as a reference to Pentridge’s heritage significance.

Each apartment was designed not only to provide contemporary living spaces, but to ensure that each balcony received optimum natural light and faces a grand view of either the distant horizons or the immediate and unique historical setting.

12/1020 Doncaster Road 

Doncaster East, Victoria 3109


Phone: (03) 9841 4300

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