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St Paul the Apostle North Primary School


St Paul the Apostle North PS


Primary Schools

Location: 76 Mossgiel Park Dr, Endeavour Hills VIC 3802

St Paul Apostle North Catholic Primary School proposes to construct a new Performing Arts and Administration building for their school community.

The proposed Performing Arts building aims to deliver flexible special spaces that can adapt to a variety of functions by use of flexible walls that can cater both small and large perming arts practice and performance, school presentations, low impact sporting activities, music practice and after-hours community use for yoga, martial arts and other suitable community use where a small income can be generated from.

The proposed administration building shall provide all the required functional spaces that aim to deliver the highest quality of services by the supporting staff members in a safe environment, a welcoming and accessible entry for all the parents, students and visitors alike.

12/1020 Doncaster Road 

Doncaster East, Victoria 3109


Phone: (03) 9841 4300

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