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University of Melbourne - Music library


University of Melbourne



Our firm was commissioned to design a suitable music library enclosure. The design incorporated perforated, and colored sheeting panels to reflect the pattern of the male lyrebird feathers, which is the symbol of the patron of the library; Louise Hanson-Dyer.
A specially designed, ergonomic services and counter desk was additionally required at the entry point, catering for up to two staff that services the student enquiries and lending.
The existing office space was to be modified to accommodate up to six staff in a comfortable and workable space, allowing for trolley movement sorting and collating of various goods.
A meeting room was further provided for up to 12 people, incorporating a white board, TV and display cabinet of rare books.

12/1020 Doncaster Road 

Doncaster East, Victoria 3109


Phone: (03) 9841 4300

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