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Woady Yaloak Primary School


Woady Yaloak PS


Primary Schools, Heritage

Woady Yaloak Primary School is located across four school campuses including Ross Creek, Snake Valley, Smythesdale and Scarsdale. The 9.1 Mil upgrade project included the upgrade and refurbishment of all the spaces within each of the buildings to ensure that all the spaces comply with the current VSBA standards and pedagogy philosophies.

The design included the re-arranging and re-sizing of all general-purpose classrooms, provision of outdoor learning spaces, wet areas, withdrawal areas, new reception areas, adequate consultation and meeting rooms, upgraded amenities for both students and staff, new staff rooms, store and server rooms; all achieved within the existing building envelopes.

All the services, including electrical, data, hydraulics and mechanical equipment, were upgraded to ensure that each building optimises their efficiency and minimises the running cost. Careful de-canting will play a critical role to ensure that all the woks are completed whilst the school remains in full operation.

12/1020 Doncaster Road 

Doncaster East, Victoria 3109


Phone: (03) 9841 4300

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