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Rangebank Primary School

Rangebank Primary Schools performance hall purposefully reflects a theatrical form in shape and cladding colours that vary in different light settings. 

School Extention
Seaford Primary School

Proarks extension to Seaford primary school landed itself a finalist position at the Victorian School Design Awards.

University architects
Swinburne LA Building 

The challenge that the new three story Swinburne building presented was it was to be built within the existing walls of the original LA Atrium Building.

Yea High School

The selected material for Yea operates on the same principals as natural colour shifting surfaces. Depending upon the viewing angle, different wave lengths of light are reflected back to the viewer resulting in an ever-changing colour gradient with iridescent highlights. The new cladding will be a truly memorable experience that is envisaged to bring life and colour to the school and provide a long-lasting impression.



Abstract Architectre Melbourne
Victoria Architects
East Bentleigh Primary School

East Bentleigh is proposed to construct a new building containing a new multi purpose / performance hall, amenities, four general purpose classrooms incorporating the current pedagogy teaching model of flexible and interactive teaching spaces; create small informal group study pockets within the central trafficable areas, out door interactive teaching spaces.

School Specialist Architects

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